What if I am using multiple cloud providers?

Nullstone's engine currently supports any cloud provider. We have published modules for only AWS at this time, but will have full support for GCP and Azure soon. Additionally, we are working on modules to connect networks from two different cloud providers over a private connection.

Can I use my free cloud credits?

Yes! All infrastructure is provisioned on your cloud accounts. Nullstone provides easy workflows to maximize cloud credits by offering one-click interconnections as well as rapid migration between clouds.

Do I need to migrate my entire cloud to Nullstone?

No, we do not like massive platform migrations.

  • You can launch new apps or slowly migrate existing apps as you see fit.
  • You can launch apps into existing networks and clusters -- just tell Nullstone which network or cluster.
  • You can choose to fully or partially manage networks and clusters.

Can I launch sensitive apps through Nullstone?

Yes, we take security seriously. We have significant experience building enterprise-grade platforms and cybersecurity products. Nullstone's open-source modules are configured with proven security best practices. If you choose to use Nullstone's secrets management, all secrets are stored on your infrastructure with no Nullstone access to private material.

What if I need to tweak and tune my network, cluster, datastore, or app?

As former engineering leaders, this is where existing solutions frustrated us.

  • Our open-source modules provide great flexibility for common use cases.
  • You can fork our open-source modules (See github.com/nullstone-modules).
  • You can manage your own modules from our private registry.
  • You can configure your apps to use infrastructure from your private repositories.
  • Or feel free to mix and match all of the above.

Will I be locked in to Nullstone?

No, all infrastructure is created in your cloud providers using Terraform. We open-source all modules that we publish. Configuration and state files are easily accessible through APIs should you choose to stop using Nullstone.